Winter in Porto City

Winter in Porto City

In November, we can no longer escape the facts: winter is coming – and that’s not just a pop culture reference. Winter in Porto City is a symphony of greysky shades, but the weather is still warmer than in most corners of Europe, so there are plenty of reasons to visit.

It rarely snows in winter in Portugal. Actually, you might be surprised to know that the city hasn’t seen a snowflake since 1983. But who knows? Maybe if you visit – and that is, if you are a fan of winter – it will snow for your sake this Christmas. Anyway, the lack of snow generally means the temperature is too warm for that to happen. Average temperatures in December revolve around the value of 15 degrees Celsius, so it is warm enough to walk around and admire the UNESCO accredited architecture of the old town center and even sign up for a cruise on Douro River.

On the other hand, the winds are quite strong and rainy days are quite frequent, so be sure to bring your umbrella and have a couple of romantic cafes in mind to warm your hands and admire the movement of people on the winding cobblestone streets.

In the cold season, we tend to get a bit more reflexive – which is not necessarily a bad thing. We might take the opportunity and buy a book from Lello Bookshop, one of the most beautiful such places in the world. And while the bookish explore it, the more fashionable ones can go on a shopping spree in the historic center of Porto or enjoy the lively nightlife in the city.

The city can also be explored by car, so it might be a good idea to take 10 minutes before your trip to buy a discount car rental in Porto, although hiring a local Porto tour is also a good idea (and this can also be done online).



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