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Discover Porto’s hidden attractions!


1. Mercado do Bolho

In the heart of Porto, Portugal, is the old covered market known as Mercado do Bolho. It was constructed in the late 19th century and for more than a century, it has served as the city’s main center for the food and agriculture industries.
The market is renowned for the enormous variety of stalls selling fresh commodities such meats, flowers, and fruit.
It’s a terrific spot to experience the local culture and sample some of the mouthwatering cuisine the area has to offer.
The market is located in a stunning Art Nouveau-style structure with two wings projecting out on either side and a center hall coated in glass.

2. Livraria da Baixa

Have you ever pondered what a bookstore and café/bar from the 1920s would look like combined? This fusion is available in Porto! Books, beverages, “petiscos” and music all go hand in hand at Livraria da Baixa.
The combination of the antique furnishings and the pleasure of reading a book while sipping a drink results in the calming and lovely atmosphere.
This location also happens to be in the town’s hippest district.

3. Ribeira

In the center of Porto, Portugal, sits the lovely and ancient Ribeira area. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is well renowned for its winding lanes, brightly painted homes and charming squares.
The area offers breathtaking views of the city and the surrounding countryside and is situated along the banks of the Douro River.
Small stores, cafes, and eateries abound in this area, making it a terrific destination to explore on foot. You can buy a wide range of regional items and products, such as apparel, handcrafted crafts and other mementos.
The S. Francisco Church, the Porto Cathedral and the Clérigos Tower are just a few of the neighborhood’s historical and cultural landmarks.

4. The Foz lighthouses

The Foz lighthouses are situated in an area of outstanding natural beauty at the confluence of the Douro River and the Atlantic Ocean, making this location particularly unique and deserving of a visit.
At this location, you can take an energizing walk in the mornings or nights along the water toward the three lighthouses. Then, take a seat in one and enjoy the tranquility of the sea, the fisherman, the wind and the sea breeze.
Since the city won’t be visible at all if you gaze directly at the ocean, you might nearly believe you are at sea level.

5. Foz Velha

The most enjoyable times to get lost in Foz Velha’s charming old streets are during weekends. Try out Flor do Gás, a small boat taxi that only exists to ferry people (and bicycles) over the Douro river, while exploring this area.
It crosses the river every 15 minutes and has been doing so since 1961.
The ride offers a fresh perspective from which to appreciate the Arrábida bridge and locate the point at which the river empties into the Atlantic Ocean.
There are a number of straightforward eateries with a good selection of regional foods, primarily fish-related, on both banks of the river.

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Discover the top 5 summer festivals and events from Porto!


For three days, between 7th and 9 th of July, the RFM SOMNII will be delivering the sounds of the world’s top DJs to Figueira da Foz’s expansive Praia do Relógio beach.
This festival’s unique ingredients- sun, beach and a ton of electronic music in a gorgeous natural setting- attract a growing number of people every year.
As the sun sets and the celebration lasts until the early hours, imposing staging, dazzling pyrotechnics and massive sound systems are used to support the excellent lineup of DJs.

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Top 5 festivals and events in Porto and surroundings in August 2022

porto summer

Welcome to the one and only Porto, the wonderful city which charms every person’s heart!
Porto is the accurate expression of vibrant life and authenticity, where you can always discover new attractions and surprises, which will definitely win your heart!
In addition to being an amazing summer holiday destination, Porto, Portugal, is renowned for its top-notch port wine and lovely weather.
The year-round great weather makes it possible to host several music festivals, but the bulk take place between June and September, which is festival season’s busiest time. Porto is a spectacular city that has so many things to offer, from outstanding marvellous attractions and places to entertainment, festivals, events and a wide range of activities.

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Best places in Porto


Porto, a historical and vivid location, set on the northern bank of the Douro River, is the second biggest city in Portugal after Lisbon, blooming season after season and mesmerizing its visitors and habitants through its rich spirit and astonishing attractions.

There are a lot of things to do in this beautiful fascinating city and definitely lots of amazing places to see and to spend a good time with your dear ones.

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