The most exciting places you cannot miss in Porto!

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An absolutely marvellous city of contrasts, where architectural styles harmoniously intertwine, scents and colors beautifully merge and infinite attractions collide, Porto is the accurate expression of vibrant life and authenticity.
Discover an original way of enjoying the marvels and surprises of this city, which will definitely win your heart!

If you want to take a ride to the past and reconnect with the historical spirit of this wonderful place, the best way is simply buying a ticket and enjoying an unforgettable travel with the historical tram of Porto, is one of the oldest electrified transport systems in Europe, being inaugurated in 1895.
For example, linha 1 departs from Infante and extends to the Passeio Alegre park following the river Douro to reach Foz do Douro. This trip in an authentic charming tram is full of romance and a great way to discover in passing the Solar do vinho do porto (the wine institute), the Museo Carro Electrico and some splendid buildings and landscapes. A tram comes along every twenty minutes or so and they run between 9 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon.

To fully discover Porto’s spirit and history you cannot miss Foz do Douro. You’ll be amazed by an incredible quality of life (these beaches proudly display the blue flag eco-label, a sign of high quality unpolluted seawater), the animated and colorful places and the most romantic walks while admiring the breathtaking landscapes of the sunset.
The pergola was built in the 1930s as part of an improvement project to improve and embellish the avenue do Brazil and to develop the area.

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996, Ribeira, Douro’s riverfront, is the most emblematic quarter and part of the historic centre of Porto. Have a stroll through the narrow streets of Ribeira and Miragaia district to discover the real appeal and spirit of this place and to find Porto’s soul. Its sinuous enchanting alleys, its wonderful crowded houses clinging to the hillside, its fresh linen hanging from balconies, its buildings faced with distinctive glazed blue patterned tiling represent the true and real nature of Porto, its ravishing authenticity and the raw, unmasked development of daily life. This is the ideal place to rejoice a walk alongside the Douro, you cannot miss the Ponte Luís I, while admiring the spectacular Ponte Luís I – the metal arch bridge that spans the river between Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia.

Discover the wonderful and unique views over Porto and its surroundings by taking the opportunity of visiting Dos Clérigos Tower. This ornate, 75-metre bell tower, which watches over the city of Porto, is arguably the city’s most iconic silhouette. It was opened in 1763 and is blessed with a beautiful barrage of Baroque motifs thanks to its Italian designer Nicolau Nasoni. Given its prominent position, you can get some amazing 360° views of the city from the top, but you’ll have to climb 225 steps to get there.

When in Porto, you definitely have to visit as many places as you can, discover all the mysteries this astonishing city holds and live to the fullest every single moment. But whenever you feel tired, but still feel like visiting and enjoying places and moments, the funicular railway will gently take down the steep cliff from Batalha (on the higher ground of central Porto) to the quayside at Ribeira. One of the highlights of taking this means of transportation are the spectacular views you get of Dom Luís I Bridge, Porto’s medieval city walls and the various wine cellars on the waterfront.
The railway was originally built to facilitate the movement of cargo, particularly Port wine, being inaugurated in 1891 and later renovated in 1994.

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