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Every place on Earth has its drop of uniqueness, its familiar magic which makes it wonderful and authentic. There is much to see in Europe, but of all the countries here, none has the romantic, melancholy air, the beauty and the bright sun of Portugal. And nowhere in Portugal can you enjoy better life, food, beauty and architecture than in the Cidade Invicta of Porto! Here are some ideas you should look into if you are planning a trip to Porto: our Porto Sightseeing Tours are your ideal option.

Ideally, you will have more than a couple of days available to enjoy and explore Porto City, to see and do as much as you can here. But in the end, no matter how long you choose to stay in our city, you will surely find the best tour option to fit your schedule and your plans.

One of the oldest European cities and UNESCO World Heritage site, Porto is located along the River Douro, the heaven of green pastures and the birthplace of the famous sweet Porto wine. We can take you on an unforgettable trip along the river on our Douro to Amarante / Regua / Pinhao tour, which also includes wine tasting!

If you are in search of cultural enrichment, we suggest you book a Porto Full Day Tour or, if time does not allow it, a Porto Half Day Tour, to explore all that Porto City has best: its monuments, sights, countless museums and parks. If you are also of the opinion that cities look at their best lit by the gentle moon – and by the miracle of electricity – then our Porto Night tour – Nocturna tour is the best choice for you!


No matter your choice, we hope we can share your unforgettable Porto experience with you and that you will find the answer to your travel questions in our Porto Airport Transfer Porto sightseeing tours.


The variety of our Porto sightseeing tours just goes to show how popular and important a destination
this is so let’s take a quick look at what you’ll be taking a quick look at with the help of our tours.

The Porto Half-Day tour

This option will take you to, through and back from Porto’s Centro Historico – Historical Centre. The city
of Porto, or Oporto as it is also known as, was built on the hillsides overlooking the mouth of the Duoro
River, and it has been standing there for the past two millennia or so, seeing continuous growth. All of
this history can be seen best concentrated in its old centre where a variety of monuments ranging in
style and architecture from Romanesque, to neoclassical and then to Portuguese Manueline-style, can
be seen.

The Porto Full-Day tour

This tour option will include the Centro Historico and thanks to the extra time it also adds in trips to Foz
and Boavista.
Boavista is where you’ll find the Casa da Musica – a very particularly looking building – and the Fundacao
de Serralves, which is a contemporary museum designed by the famous architect Alvaro Size, which
features a huge garden/park.
In Foz you’ll be visiting the Castelor de Sao Jaoa da Foz.

The Porto Nocturna tour

This is pretty much the same as the Half-Day tour, the difference being that it takes place at night.
These are our Porto sightseeing tours, so don’t hesitate to book one as soon as possible.

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Porto sightseeing tours
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