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Designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1996, Porto is a mesmerizing city, which has a distinctive ambience with elegant communities and sizable villas perched on winding cobblestone alleys and is situated in the north of Portugal at the exit of the Douro River.

People typically think of traveling to Portugal’s capital city, Lisbon, when they first consider doing so. Although Porto, which was named “The City to Visit This Year” by Forbes in 2017, is the country’s second-largest city after Lisbon, but not the second-best! The lovely city of Porto is situated along the Douro river 280 kilometers north of Lisbon. Porto, one of the top 100 cities in the world with the most foreign tourists, is the home of Port wine, street art, and “francesinhas.”

1. Palacio da Bolsa
The Palácio da Bolsa, a sizable Neoclassic building built on the site of the former St. Francis Convent, is next to the Sao Francisco Church. The palace was constructed as a stock market and financed by the Porto commercial association with the intention of impressing Europe’s business titans. The structure was designed by a number of architects during the course of its approximately 70-year construction. The Arab Room, created in a Moorish style by Gustavo Adolfo Gonçalves e Sousa, is a highlight of any palace tour. The remarkable area, one of Porto’s most well-liked tourist attractions, is still employed as a receiving hall for distinguished guests arriving today.

2. Clerigos Tower
The Igreja dos Clerigos, or Church of the Clergy, tower’s 18th-century tower is a stunning example of baroque extravagance. The Torre dos Clerigos, a landmark and must-see site in Porto, was created in 1754 by Italian painter and architect Nicolau Nasoni. With a height of about 76 meters, the elaborate tower is one of the tallest buildings in Northern Portugal. A panoramic view of the city and the Duoro river estuary is the prize for those who make the 255-step climb to the tower’s belfry.

3. Cais da Ribeira
The riverside neighborhood of Porto is a mesmerizing maze of winding, winding streets, zigzagging passageways, and low-slung, sun-starved arcades. The Ribeira is a journey in flavor and color, with terraces of grand townhouses painted in vibrant mustard, tangerine, and tawny hues that face the River Douro.
This is the most well-liked location in the city for unwinding and socializing due to the abundance of eateries and cafés situated beneath the arches along the quayside. Furthermore, the riverfront area, Praça da Ribeira, is a well-liked gathering place with a dynamic, youthful energy.

4. Crystal Palace Gardens
Visit the Crystal Palace (“Palácio de Cristal”) gardens, which were created in the 19th century by German landscape architect Émile David, when you need a breath of fresh air in the middle of the city. Eight hectares of lavish vegetation, intimate corners, and belvederes with breathtaking river views make up the gardens. Additionally, the Porto Municipal Gallery, whose exhibitions are good and free, and the Quinta da Macieirinha Romantic Museum are nearby.

5. World of Discoveries
At this modern interactive museum and theme park, Portugal’s remarkable Age of Discovery, a period of conquest and discovery, is recreated with astounding detail. Through a series of in-depth displays and displayed animations, the treacherous journeys of Portuguese navigators in the 15th century, setting sail in fleets of frail caravels to navigate uncharted waters and map new countries, are brought to beautiful life. But the true adventure starts once you board a boat and travel to places like Brazil, which Pedro lvares Cabral explored in 1500, and Vasco da Gama, who in 1498 charted a maritime route from Portugal to India. For all ages, this is a fantastically entertaining and educational event.

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