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Bucaco City


Bucaco, land of fairytales

A splending neo-Manueline palace at the heart of a deep forest, Bucaco is a place where reality meets the stuff of dreams. In the midst of this breath-taking scenery, one can take in the scented, fresh air that smells of history and magic.

Once a monastic retreat, today visitors can explore the secret grottoes, waterfalls, fountains, and tiny hermitages. Bucaco also has great hiostorical value, as one of the major battles of the Peninsular War history was fought here, where the Duke of Wellington defeated Napoleon’s troops in 1810. To father enlarge your history knowledge, visit the museum outside the forest wall, which is dedicated to the Peninsular War, and explains history using engravings, maps, uniforms, and weapons. The ruins of an old Carmelite Monastery can also be visited, and when you take a break from all the information, you are invited to take a snack in one of the many restaurants or relax at the spa nearby.

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