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You definitely should plan a vacation to Porto, a relatively tiny coastal city in northwest Portugal on the banks of the Douro River, if you are passing through Europe and have some extra time.

Porto makes it simple to fall in love. Lisbon has a huge city feel, while Porto has a lot more personality. Porto is a very alluring European travel destination thanks to its charming alleyways, friendly locals, expanding culinary scene, and long-standing wine tradition.
You’ll decide to stay in Porto for the rest of your life if you add an endless list of other enjoyable activities to do there.

1. Riberira Square
Ribeira Square is an absolute must-see if you’re in Porto. A Unesco World Heritage Site, this area of the old city is situated beside the Douro.
Take a rabelo boat across the river, sway back and forth while admiring the Luz I, D. Maria II, and Arrábida bridges for fantastic backdrops for dramatic photos.
Stop by the Bacalhoeiros Wall, the Casa do Infante museum, the Rua da Reboleira, Cubo Square, the So Nicolau Church and the sculpture “Alminhas da Ponte” by Teixeira da Lopes.

2. Sao Bento train station
The traditional train station serves as a transportation hub for getting to other locations. And let’s face it, while they do beat airport departure lounges, most train stations aren’t exactly wonderful locations to kill time.
Estaço de So Bento is an entirely separate unexpected place. A Belle Epoque façade and a famous interior with 20,000 painted tiles characterize this former convent. The walls were decorated by artist Jorge Colaço with pictures from the nation’s past, including appropriately scenes from daily life and types of transportation.
Discover this amazing place while travelling, it’s absolutely worth it!

3. Claus Porto
Over the course of its more than 130-year history, the soap and fragrance company Claus Porto has endured kings, republics, dictatorships, and revolutions.
The store itself is the first thing you notice when you walk into the area where the Porto Marionette Museum originally stood. Everything from traditional soaps to body creams and colognes can be purchased there. The history of this brand, which has been around for four generations and counting, is portrayed in a gallery on the second floor using hand-drawn illustrations, lithographs, pictures, and newspaper clippings.
Additionally, you can learn how to produce these products during regular workshops.

4. Palacio do Cristal
One of the most well-known areas to roam around at the Invicta is Palacio do Cristal.
Enjoy the sweeping views, the Almeida Garrett Municipal Library, the Quinta da Macieirinha Romantic Museum, and the Palace itself, which frequently hosts excellent exhibitions.
There are statues, water features, enormous trees and an abundance of flowers, surrounded by magnificent peacocks playing in the vegetation. Don’t miss this extraordinary location for unforgettable moments!

5. O! Galeria
This amazing place should be on a bucket list on any tour of Porto’s illustration district and acts as a platform and development center for emerging artists from both the local and global communities.
You can discover prints, books, t-shirts, tote bags, and a variety of other items here in addition to original artwork that you’ll want to take home with you. Some of the illustrators who add color to the walls of this location, in the city’s most creative district, include Mariana A. Miserável, Ana Seixas, David Penela, Angela Dalinger, Maria Imaginário, and Tina Siuda.
Learn about the other galleries in the vicinity while you are here, as O! Galeria is located in Miguel Bombarda, the arts district.

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