The fun side of golf: 10 fun facts!


Did you know this apparently elitist sport that only recently has attained international popularity among “common people”, can be such an entertaining activity? Our aim today is to reveal a hidden truth: the fun side of golf: 10 fun facts!

1. Golf is a very democratic sport. Women have played it for centuries and in 1811, the first women’s golf tournament was held on the first day of the year in Musselburgh.

2. Which leads us to another interesting discovery: though the traditional image of the golfer is a man, 25% of today’s golfers are women.

3. Golf in the 16th century must have been a bit of a hazardous pursuits, especially if your opponent were a hot-blooded fellow, as the golf balls used then are believed to have been made out of wood.

4. Perhaps the greatest golfer of all time is Tiger Woods. He is 6.1 feet tall (which may… in all honesty seem a bit irrelevant) and (more importantly) has won 77 PGA tournaments up to date.

5. A… slightly less successful but equally renowned avid golfer is actor Samuel L. Jackson. He actually has a clause in his contracts saying he can play golf two times every week whenever he films “on location”. That’s the definition of commitment (to sports), if you ask me!

6. Portugal is one of the most predilect places chosen to play golf. There are dozens of golf courses throughout the country. Porto golf transfers, for instance, are transport services designed to take you to and from the golf course in Northern Portugal. You can book these services online.

7. And now for some practical input: a golf “round” typically comprises 18 holes played in order. They are determined by the layout of the respective course, so you might travel a bit from one hole to another and have to try challenging moves to win!



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