The best golf courses in Porto

The best golf courses in Porto

Porto city is one of the greatest centers in the proud and beautiful country of Portugal, a place of great economic and industrial importance and also a prominent tourist attraction. Believe it or not, one of the reasons people travel to Portugal is to play their favorite sport, so here is a list of the best golf courses in Porto to consider if you are planning a trip in the region for the summer.

Lisbon and especially the Algarve may have more internationally reputed golf courses, but since Portugal in its entirety is a prime golfing destination, there are places to indulge your passion for this sport in and around Portugal as well.

The Oporto Golf Club, 17 km south from the town center of Porto, is among the oldest clubs in Europe and was founded by British resident families. The Skeffington Cup is played on this challenging course every year since 1891.

Amarante is another famous and popular Porto golf course and gets its name from the adjacent town. What is most attractive about this venue is the landscape, the soft round lines of the sun-lit hills covered in vine rendering a sense of quiet and happiness absolutely imperative in order to achieve the mental balance to perform brilliantly in golf. The golf courses was built 600 m above the level of the sea, alternating upwards and descending slopes.

Finally, Ponte de Lima is not really all that close to the sea, so it is much less exposed to the powerful oceanic winds. Some players may find this advantageous, others may see it as a perk, but everybody tends to agree on the fact that playing here is a rewarding experience.

When you go play, you will find it vital to have transportation at hand, so Porto golf transfers will prove a world of help.



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