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Porto, a historical and vivid location, set on the northern bank of the Douro River, is the second biggest city in Portugal after Lisbon, blooming season after season and mesmerizing its visitors and habitants through its rich spirit and astonishing attractions.

There are a lot of things to do in this beautiful fascinating city and definitely lots of amazing places to see and to spend a good time with your dear ones.

Of course, the best way to start your day is to have a delicious breakfast at the one and only “ O Diplomata” where you can enjoy the best pancakes in town.
It’s one of the busiest places in Porto’s Baixa due to its excellent tasty pancakes, which will sweeten your day and your heart. Apart from being tall, fluffy and extremely savory, the customers can choose the batter of his choice. What’s gonna be: simple, chocolate, oatmeal, vegan, blueberry or Oreo cookie batter? Only you can choose once you decide to try this place out.

You can continue your day visiting the city and you definitely can’t miss Livraria Lello, an absolutely breathtaking bookstore, one of the most emblematic bookstores in the country — and the world. It is right in the center of Porto and is part of its historical heritage.
The impressive neogothic architecture transforms this historical building in one of the most popular places in town, serving as well as a source of inspiration for those with a vivid and lush imagination. If you are a fan of the Harry Potter saga, know that this bookstore served as an inspiring setting for the author J.K. Rolling, who lived in Porto.

You have to see and enjoy the wonderful landscape of the city from the top of the grandiose bridge Dom Luis I, one of the most iconic structures in Portugal. An industrial symbol for Porto, this twin-level metal arched bridge opened in 1886. It was conceived by the German engineer Théophile Seyrig who co-founded the Eiffel Company.
Pedestrians can walk across using the narrow pavements set either side of the road, or be really brave and traverse the structure using the 60-meter-high top-tier footpath.

You can continue you day gathering your friends at the Virtudes Garden, developed on a series of steps, which houses the largest Ginkgo Biloba in Portugal, a tree with about 35 meters. Usually, the locals gather in this garden, one of the most sought after in Invicta, for a good time among friends. Come and join people of all ages, playing musical instruments and admiring one of the most beautiful views of the river Douro.

You can end the most interesting day in the most interesting way by enjoying a cold beer at Bonaparte Downtown, one of the most popular and busiest bars in Baixa.
Due to the low light, the antique-furnished walls and the excellent drinks, this is the ideal palce to spend your evening with friends, watching football games, having some snacks and having a good time. If you are a beer lover, there are international beers, such as Erdinger (German) and Guinness (Irish) and there is also a varied whiskey and cocktails menu.

Porto is amazing, isn’t it? You can spend all day long visiting this charming city and not getting bored or tired because it’s quite impossible.
Spend your holidays enjoying the best things and visiting the most vibrating places, always counting on Porto Airport Transfer for easy and safe transfers.



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