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Enjoy autumn’s most beautiful festivals and events in Portugal!


1. As seen by the delight of children adjusting to the traditions of this Anglo-Saxon holiday, Halloween in Portugal is growing in popularity every year. But the truth is that tradition is still very much alive in Portugal and most people continue to observe traditional holidays.
Every year on November 1st, the Portuguese commemorate All Saints’ Days, a national holiday in Portugal and a significant festival for many Roman Catholic nations.
Portuguese people gather with friends and family to remember loved ones who have passed away on November 1st, a holiday celebrated from North to South. It is also a day on which Catholics honor saints, martyrs and other revered members of the Christian community.

2. On November 11, people commemorate Saint Martin’s Day. In order to help a beggar stay warm, Saint Martin, a Roman soldier, split his cloak in two. As a result, the sun came out and warmed the beggar.
Warm winter days at the start of November are hence referred to as Saint Martin’s Summer. The first wine of the season is ready at this time and the chestnuts begin to ripen.
The Portuguese commemorate this day, known as Magusto, with bonfires, gatherings, lots of chestnuts and meals cooked with them and água-pé, a weak wine created from diluted leftovers.
In Portugal, the northern regions of Trás-os-Montes, Beira Baixa (particularly Alcains), Goleg and Penafiel host the most enduring Saint Martin’s Day celebrations.

3. The start and finish lines of the November Porto Marathon are located in the Parque da Cidade do Porto.
Three different distances are available to participants: the 42 km run, the 15 km run, or the 6 km walk. Although it is evident that the trail is meant for the more athletic ones, it is wonderfully gorgeous and worthwhile jogging or walking on any day and at any pace.
This might be the best way to get rid of all the extra calories if you went to the National Gastronomy Festival the previous month.

4. The Algarve in southern Portugal is lucky to experience a fairly pleasant autumn. Temperatures don’t drop as much, so you can still go to the beach in light clothing even if it gets colder and rainier. The Algarve excels in sunny fall days.
The Algarve’s deserted beaches are undoubtedly its best feature in the fall. Although there is nature everywhere around, the colors don’t vary as dramatically in the southern part because there are more beaches and fewer trees there.

5. The north of Portugal experiences the most traditional and conceivably most beautiful autumn. Some of Portugal’s coldest and wettest cities, including Porto, are located in this region.
For those who prefer the cold, the weather is fortunately great because it occasionally has sunny days.
Several of the towns close to Porto are remain rather calm, even during the busiest months. But when Porto’s serenity and autumnal atmosphere come together, it creates a moment worth savoring for all time.
The botanical gardens in Massarelos and similar ones become more beautiful and sitting in the parks becomes a regular practice.

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