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While visiting North of Portugal to travel to Santiago de Compostela you will most likely be touching down at the Porto Airport. In order to get to Santiago de Compostela we suggest you book a private Porto Airport transfer to Santiago de Compostela

The main advantage and with the help of such a service, not only will you be avoiding the problems that spring up when dealing with taxis or public transportation, but you’ll also find that such a Porto Airport transfer to Santiago de Compostela makes economic sense at a fixed price.

Heading on a Santiago de Compostela trip will have you visiting the capital city of Galicia in Spain, one of the most important spots for Catholics because it is reputed to be the place where St. James – one of the twelve Apostles – is buried.

The climate here is very typical of the Spanish Atlantic coast, featuring wet winter with frequent rains, but with generally mild temperatures throughout the rest of the year.

The city itself is rather small having about a hundred thousand inhabitants and this means that you can pretty much get anywhere on foot.

The regions of the city most popular with tourists it’s rather easy to find people speaking English as well as French, Italian or German and some of the restaurants have English-language menus as well. thanks to the large number of students in Santiago it is likely to find someone with a decent level of English on the streets that will be willing to help you with directions.

The local language is called Galician and while Spanish is also spoken – since this is Spain – Galician has a lot of similarities with Portuguese.

Despite the small size of the city there are quite a few Santiago de Compostela sights to see while there and the best spot to start is from the Praza do Obradoiro which is located right in the middle of the city. The surrounding buildings come from different architectural periods. This is also the arrival spot for thousands of pilgrims headed for the Way of St. James.

The Catedral Santiago de Compostela is made up of a blend of architectural styles, but those who are most eye-catching are the Baroque front and the interior porch, the Portico da Gloria.

The Royal Palace – Palacio de Raxoi – is an 18th century building which has worked as the city’s council, jail as well as a seminary and the residence for the children of the choir.

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