Porto guide to wines, history and narrow alleys

Porto guide to wines, history and narrow alleys

Many times already we have come here, online, to discuss Porto city and the surrounding areas, but somehow there always seems to be something great and new to talk about when coming here, so today we would like to review this Porto guide to wines, history and narrow alleys.

Today we would like to invite you outside, to take a walk through the crowded as well as empty alley ways of Portugal, into a tavern, sipping a glass of unforgettable Port wine.

One of the most popular views on the town of Porto is the one at the actual port, with a gondola  and a scenic view over the entire romantic city. Granted, the sights are a prime reason to come visit the Invincible City.

Port wine is one of the trademarks of the area – it is, in fact, worldwide famous. If you are in Porto, not only do you have the opportunity to take a sip of this sweet and powerful elixir, but you can take a tour through the amazing Douro Valley, the place where it is produced. You can visit the wineries, travel through the green endless fields and learn about the local types of grapes. Among others, if you were curious to know, Port wine became popular in the 1700s, brought to England by the passing merchants.

One of the most amazing, authentic and unmitigatingly pleasant things to do in Porto is simply to walk down the narrow, colorful cobblestone streets and alleys. The buildings in Porto are an eclectic mixture of old and new, of architectural styles and colorful displays. They are definitely worth a tour.

And if transport is an issue, you can always come online and book a Porto airport transfer or a Porto tour. So don’t miss on the chance to visit one of Europe’s most fascinating cities.



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