Porto Golf, one of the top points on your checklist


The northern part of Portugal with its capital city, the invincible city (Oporto), is a top attraction, a place you will want to visit and also today we are going to remind you of a very relaxing and rewarding pastime: Porto Golf, one of the top points on your checklist this year.

If you have no notion about golf, no matter: you can learn in no time and it’s guaranteed that it can be an amazing experience: a sport of attention and concentration, one that makes you strive to focus your mind to harmonize with your body.

Portugal, with its more than 300 days of sunshine, is a top destination for golf lovers, especially since some of the best golf courses in Europe and in fact in the whole world are located here.

Here are some of the most popular golf courses in and around Porto:

  • Oporto Club is one of the oldest courses and golf clubs. Established in 1830 by the British seduced by the mild weather and splendid scenery, it is the second oldest golf course in Europe. It is an excellent place to practice and learn.
  • Club Miramar was born in 1931 and has a more Portuguese vibe and legacy. It is equally beautiful and the quality of the course is exquisite as well.
  • Overlooking the hills and river close to Quinta da Deveza, Amarante is a spectacular place to practice golf, despite the extreme weather the region can be subject to.

What is also interesting to observe is that an entire industry has developed around golf. There are golf clubs for hire, facilities near the golf courses or resorts that provide lodging and entertainment as well, Porto golf transfers and many more services to make your experience amazing.

Portugal really is the best place to enjoy your favorite sport!



By Porto Airport Transfers