Playing golf in Porto, all you need to know

Playing golf in Porto, all you need to know

For playing golf in Porto, all you need to know is a short ABC that we’re more than happy to unravel today!

Porto city is the cultural, economic and tourist center of northern Portugal. Renowned for its proud name – Cidad Invicta, the Invincible City – for its elegant people, rich wine-producing Douro River and ultimately for its Port wine, Porto has another appeal: golf.

Actually, the entire Portugal is a world renowned golfing destination. The most famous and the first-rated region is the Algarve, the southern, seaside part of the country. But Lisbon and its adjacent area, as well as the northern region of Portugal also boast with amazing golf courses with lush grass and geometrical slopes.

Porto has only one 27-hole golf course in Golfe Montebelo. Oporto is one of the oldest courses in Europe, opened in 1890, while Vidago Palace was built on the grounds of an impressive luxury hotel in the 1930s. Other amazing golf courses in Porto include Estela, Miramar, Ponte de Lima and Amarante.

Estela can prove to be both a challenging and a rewarding experience for any golfer, beginner or expert, while Ponte de Lima golf course is located in a dramatic setting, on the hills where the old Roman castrum once stood.

Now about the practical details: what makes a successful trip? A bit of planning and a lot of enthusiasm! The same goes for an awesome golfing trip.

After choosing your hotel and getting plane tickets to Portugal, you’ll need to get around the northern region. If you want, you can rent a car in Porto. The prices are quite accessible and you can enjoy the freedom of driving around town yourself.

If not, you can also opt for a Porto golf transfer. Much like a Porto taxi, the golf transfer is a private transport service particularly designed to take you to and from your golf field.



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