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Welcome to the one and only Porto, the wonderful city which thrills the passers-by’s eyes and hearts!

Porto is a historic city, with a beautiful uniqueness and special spirit, which carries business and trade written into its very name. The centre is a World Heritage site, and you’ll be struck by its richness and variety. There are medieval walls, gleaming Baroque churches, the compact streets of the Ribeira district, the Romanesque Cathedral and that’s just the beginning.
There are a lot of things to do in this beautiful fascinating city and definitely lots of amazing places to see and to spend a good time with your dear ones.

The art and culture lovers will definitely spend a wonderful and quality time while visiting the Serralves Museum. Serralves Museum is the foremost museum for contemporary art in Portugal, uniquely sited in the grounds of the Serralves Estate, which also comprises a Park and a Villa. Admire the Art Deco architecture of the museum and appreciate the remarkable collection of contemporary art with the Museum & Park entrance ticket. Then take a stroll in the gardens, see exotic plants and a diversity of trees.

The Nacional Museum Soares dos Reis, the former Museu Portuense and Portugal’s first art museum, was founded in 1833 when Pedro IV decided to establish a Museum of Painting and Prints in Oporto. A lot of these pieces are still on display, while much of the earlier art was taken from followers of the deposed King Miguel I. It is named for António Soares dos Reis, a 19th century sculptor from Vila Nova de Gaia on the south bank of the Douro. There are a few pieces by Soares dos Reis here as well as other vaunted Portuguese painters and sculptors like Silva Porto, Vieira Portuense, Domingos Sequeira and Miguel Ângelo Lupi.

Here in Porto you can phisically touch the romantic nostalgy of the golden old times while visiting the Romantic Museum. The Romantic Museum recreates a nineteenth-century aristocratic house. Its interior has a special charm with its rooms beautifully decorated with painting and antiques. The Museum is housed in a striking mansion, where Charles Albert of Sardinia found refuge after abdicating when he was defeated by the Imperial Austrian army. He spent the last year of his life here until he died in 1849 of tuberculosis. The rooms that visitors explore during a visit of the Romantic Museum have been redecorated in his memory.

You can continue your descovering of the city’s charm by visiting Livraria Lello, an absolutely breathtaking bookstore, one of the most emblematic bookstores in the country — and the world. It is right in the center of Porto and is part of its historical heritage.
The impressive neogothic architecture transforms this historical building in one of the most popular places in town, serving as well as a source of inspiration for those with a vivid and lush imagination. If you are a fan of the Harry Potter saga, know that this bookstore served as an inspiring setting for the author J.K. Rolling, who lived in Porto.

There are only four places in the world where the public can climb the arch of a bridge and Porto is one of them! In 1963, the Arrábida Bridge was the largest concrete arch in the world.
Since 2016, this arch has become the only one in Europe opened to visitors. It is a unique opportunity to have access to this amazing place. In the company of a guide and with all the safety equipment, even those who are dizzy can climb one of the most iconic buildings in Porto.
At the top, 65 meters above the river, you will find a quiet and relaxing place where you can enjoy unique views … and a delicious surprise!

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