Braga, a great day trip destination


Today I was thinking we could talk about Braga, a great day trip destination, very accessible and providing a traditional Portuguese authentic atmosphere that will surely put a smile on your face.
Northern Portugal is arguably the richest region in Portugal – both economically and culturally speaking. If Porto is the region’s center, Braga on the other hand is the religious capital city of Portugal, displaying a plethora of churches, monasteries, chapels – like a little Portuguese Rome. Also, Braga hosts the most merry and colorful religious festivity in the country, the Semana Santa (during the Holy Week).
The city’s imposing Se, Braga Cathedral, was built in the 11th century in early Romanesque style and restored with Manueline towers in the 15th century. The inside is equally spectacular, with the baroque organ and the Capela dos Reies, which features the resting places of Dona Teresa and Henry of Burgundy.
The Sacred Art Museum (Museu de Arta Sacra) is located in the Treasury house of the Se and features amazing carvings, azulejos and statues.
Granted, the religious dominates Braga, but that doesn’t mean there are no other things to do outside pray here. For instance, you can take Porto taxi transfer to Ponte da Barca, 30 km away from Braga. This lovely market town is marked by a beautiful 15th-century bridge that bisects Lima River. You can also visit the amazing Peneda-Geras National Park here.
And if you need the luxury of a car, you can rent a car in Braga for a really accessible price.



By Porto Airport Transfers