A bohemian tour of Porto, Portugal


Are you the romantic sort? There’s no crime in that! For those of you who find a great delight in roaming about the streets of an old historical city with winding cobblestone streets and burying their noses in a good book, here is a bohemian tour of Porto, Portugal.

I was thinking we could take a few moments of respite today to talk about a couple of “secret” tourist attractions in Oporto. They can make the stay of every “bookish mouse” in town a true delight. And surely, a visit here is not only meant for such mysterious creatures: any romantic or bohemian at heart can come.

It is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful institutions of its kind in the world: Lello Bookshop is housed in a majestic “Fin de Siecle” building with a trademark winding staircase. It was built by the Lello Brothers and inaugurated in the year 1906. Since then, it has received hundreds of clients and visitors alike.

The bookshop has been the stage for the 2001 movie “Baker Street Xango”. It also has charming stories to tell, such as an incident involving a philosophy appassionato priest who once tried to… “confiscate” a pretty valuable volume. The tricky part is to take pictures inside the shop, but if you have a good argument, you might convince the owners.

And while we’re still in this “vintage” mood, we can drive our Porto car rental to Majestic Cafe, a historical coffee shop in Porto established in 1921, a favorite place for famous artists and thinkers of the time. The building is also a beautiful example of Art Nouveau and is open daily from 9:30 to 24 hours.
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