5 Ideas for an unforgettable Christmas in Porto


Winter is here, even in the ever sunny and considerably warmer Portugal. But winter means Christmas and there is also a sense of optimism and anticipation around the coming of the New Year, so I thought today we’d go through 5 Ideas for an unforgettable Christmas in Porto, the center of Northern Portugal, a romantic spot by definition and one of the most beautiful European destinations this season.

There are several winter attractions one should never miss during a trip to Porto. The proximity of the Douro River and the unique architecture of the place, with its red brick rooftops and Gothic churches, makes Porto a lovely spot for lovers, but also a fascinating attraction for culture and history fans.

1. A cruise on Douro River will give you the opportunity to get a panoramic view of the city and its surroundings. The fertile hills that embrace the Douro Valley are one of the best wine producing regions and a visit there can enrich your knowledge and give you the opportunity to taste a sip of the unique bouquet of the local beverage…

2. …which comes next: Porto’s very own Port wine! Port is quite strong for a wine so sweet. Its bouquet is renowned and it is a European brand. You can visit the cellars during a Porto city tour as well.

3. Enjoy a warm chocolate at the Cafe Majestic, a beautiful Art Nouveau building with a marble facade and a stylish, superb interior.

4. Buy a book from the splendid Lello Bookshop, the most beautiful such place in the world. It is said to have inspired J.K.R. Rowling, the “mother” of Harry Potter, so it should be a truly magical place!

5. Last but not least, a good winter idea would be to rent a car in Porto and drive your loved one all around town!



By Porto Airport Transfers