5 Fun things to do in Porto

5 Fun things to do in Porto

Autumn has taken over Europe, but Portugal will not hear of it, with the Algarve receiving new waves of tourists by the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and temperatures in Lisbon and Porto nearly reaching 30 degrees Celsius, so if a Portuguese trip is on your autumn list, here are 5 Fun things to do in Porto!

Regardless of season, Porto is a popular Portuguese destination. The Cidade Invicta is one of the richest, most culturally-relevant cities in the country and there are countless activities and sights to visit here. For today, we will only present the best 5:

Porto: 5 Fun things to do

A romantic cruise on the Douro River is a must if you are traveling to Porto with your better half. The Douro Valley is the greatest wine region in Portugal, with the famous sweet Porto wine originating in the cellars here.

A wine-tasting experience will include an excursion around the Douro Valley and a visit to one of the biggest cellars, where you can take a sip of the sweet bouquet of Porto wine.

A walk through the splendid gardens of the Palacio de Cristal is another romantic moment you can enjoy in Porto. Built in 1861, today the Crystal Palace in Porto houses numerous exhibits and vernissages, so a visit here might prove an educative experience as well.

For the more adventurous among you, there are parks where you can practice extreme sports (like extreme jet boating or kitesurfing).

A day on the football court is another fun thing to do (at least if you are a man). Soccer is big in Europe and Portugal is no exception. The local F.C. Porto, is an internationally acclaimed team, so a match may prove to be a quite spectacular occasion.

For whatever activity you wish to practice in Porto, if you need private transportation, we are here to assist you.



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