5 Beautiful places to visit in Porto in the month of love


February is officially decreed as the month of romance, everyone is eager to celebrate Valentine’s Day and even go beyond and prolong their romantic vacation somewhere nice. The center of northern Portugal is one of the most charming cities of Europe, though it remains vastly underrated up to date. So I thought today we’d think about 5 Beautiful places to visit in Porto in the month of love.

February is a good time to visit Portugal. The weather is mild and quite warm – definitely much warmer than in the rest of Europe – and we’re officially in “low season”, so you can get lodgings, plane tickets and Porto car rental at affordable rates.
Portugal is generally speaking a quite accessible destination and Porto is truly worth it. Here are some of the places you can’t miss:

1. The Museu da Misericórdia do Porto has been reopened recently and is a celebration of Baroque architecture, containing a great 15th to 17th-century collection of portraits and artwork.

2. A walk on Ponte de Dom Luis I gives you a breathtaking overview of the city below and the Douro River. It is also a very romantic activity.

3. Have a hot chocolate at the Lello Bookshop, dubbed by many “the most beautiful library/ bookshop in the world. Boys, if your girlfriend is a book nerd, she will love you forever if you take her there!beautiful-bookstore-world-porto-lello-irmao-1
4. A Porto tour around the wine-producing Douro Valley can also prove a very educative experience – and also one with an exquisite bouquet. Vineyards and orchards are open for visitors who are eager to take a sip of the famous Port wine.douro_cnt_9nov09_istock_b
5. A moment of reflection at the grand Se Cathedral, one of the most famous spiritual symbols of Porto. You will have a moment to reflect on the beautiful experience you’ve had in this beautiful city.Se’_Cathedral,_Goa



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