A day trip outside Porto to Povoa do Varzim

A day trip outside Porto to Povoa do Varzim

The northern part of Portugal is an amazing place to see, both for its cultural and economic development and for its natural beauty. The architecture in the historical sites here is outstanding, so are the vineyards of the Douro Valley. So today we suggest a day trip outside Porto to Povoa do Varzim. Let’s see what you can see in a few hours near the great center of Oporto.

Povoa do Varzim is the birthplace of great Portuguese writer Eca de Queiros. Today, the town is a prominent beach resort – and its litoral legacy goes back more than 300 years, which is probably not surprising, bearing in mind that the region has been inhabited for 6 millennia. Unique festivals, gambling and tours are popular in town.

The coast measures some 12 kilometers in length and the beaches are family-friendly. Lagoa and Salgueira beaches are such examples, while Rio Alto is preferred by those who enjoy nature and solitude for its secluded location.

The town is very picturesque and provides ample opportunities for people who enjoy being outdoors. The Povoa do Varzim City Park looks much like a forest, with ponds and hills, an island and rustic side constructions. You can come here to walk hand in hand with your loved one, to cycle or to run and if you walk all the way, you will get to Pedreira Lake and enjoy the view from there as well.

And another awesome aspect of Povoa do Varzim is its adjacent countryside, a network of almost 100 villages that feature medieval buildings, monasteries and rustic huts, as well as calming and beautiful landscapes. Amorim, Balazar, Navais and Rates are just a few of the places where you can stop.

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